What if we tell you for For A Hotter, More Fulfilling Sex Life? This can be done just by taking a little bit of time each day to stoke your sex drive, you’d have a more fulfilling sex life by the end of the month? You’d do it, right? Especially if it’s a lot easier than you think.

Whether you’re looking to make sex a bigger part of your relationship, spice up your marriage, or just get in touch with the sensual side of yourself, we recommend trying one of these challenges a day for 30 days. We suggests getting a lover on board to help—”Having a partner to cheer you on and complete goals with you can be a great motivator,” but that’s certainly not a requirement. Read on for 30 daily challenges that anyone can do for a hotter sex life.

1. Do it anywhere except in bed.

A little change of scenery can really spice things up. “Trying new spaces and places also pushes you to try new positions, which can lead to new sensations and orgasms,” . “Doing it in the car—or up against the car in the garage—is always hot. Standing up in the bedroom doorway is fun, and even the couch is perfect for doggie style.”

2. Make things slippery.

Break out a bottle of lube—wetter is better.

3. Try a vibrator during partner sex.

The added sensation will give you both a buzz. “Consider a small bullet if he may be intimidated by phallic ones or is new to toys,” . “Bullets can feel amazing both on your super-sensitive clitoris and labia, as well as his head, shaft, balls, and the base of his penis. And anyone’s nipples are game!”

4. Touch yourself.

Lock the door and spend some alone time figuring out what turns you on. The best way to be a great lover is to first understand your own body—so get busy.

5. Don’t make it tit-for-tat.

Give your partner pleasure without expecting a thing in return. “It can be incredibly fulfilling to be completely giving,” . “Take turns giving and receiving. One night it’s all about giving—you ask your lover what he wants and give him three options. Then switch the next night. Giving each other three options takes the stress off of telling your lover what you want. Great for both of you and strengthens communication.”

6. Flirt with a cute stranger.

This challenge is especially ideal if you’re already in a relationship. “Then bring home that newly inspired sexual energy and take your lover on a wild ride!”

7. Wear something sexy under your everyday outfit.

Think of your lingerie as a secret that only you’ll know. “Doing this makes you feel sexy all day, and lets you look forward to returning home to your man,” . “Be sure to wear a skirt so he has easy access to your lovely body after you flash a peek of what you have on underneath.”

8. Go naked.

Walk around in the buff and let your partner admire your body. What you may see as imperfections are actually beautiful to him, so do your best to let go of your inhibitions.

9. Do it with your clothes on.

It’ll make the sex feel super urgent. “Dry-humping is a classic that never goes out of style,” . “This really gets the juices going and makes you feel like you’re in high school again. And if you two just have a lot of laughs doing it, then consider it a success because sex is supposed to be fun!”

10. Wear heels to bed.

You’ll feel like a vixen, trust us. As a matter of fact, any accessory or article of clothing that makes you feel super feminine could do the trick.

11. Let yourself fantasize.

Go ahead: Give yourself permission to go there during sex tonight. And don’t worry about being inauthentic—taking whatever turns you on and bringing it to your real life is a surefire way to create sparks.

12. Reenact a sex scene.

Together, the two of you can be stars of your favorite flick. Even if you can’t exactly replicate the hottest love scenes, you can surely have fun trying.

13. Get your blood pumping.

Exercise together first to up your heart rate before you get it on. Not only does exercise release feel-good endorphins and get the blood pumping to all the right places, getting fit can make you feel more sexually desirable.

14. Play with your food.

“Anything sweet can be just what you need to start licking and sucking,”. “You can get very creative with candy, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, or one of my favorites—fresh crushed strawberries. Then after a good lick down, take it to the shower where you can wash each other off, slowly and erotically.”

15. Take a bath together (bubbles optional).

Not only is it a chance to spend time in the buff together, it’s a great way to relax and open up the lines of communication. And if things do get a little dirty, Allison has some advice: “Use silicone-based lube as it’ll last longer under water.”

16. Say your partner’s name.

Whether it’s during the day or loudly during sex, it’ll be a turn-on! Using your partner’s name makes him feel like the very specific target of your desire.

17. Look babe, no hands.

Try turning each other on without using ’em! Your breasts, your hair, your mouth—they are all great substitutes.

18. Watch porn together to get some ideas.

“Pick out a movie together so you’re both on board,”. “Conventional videos can be a turn-off for some women, so explore feminist porn sites, which make content with ladies in mind.”

19. Get on your knees.

You’ll feel strangely powerful when your partner is standing up. You may be on your knees, but you’re in control of giving pleasure.

20. Plan a threesome.

Enjoy casting it (and whether or not you actually go through with the threesome is up to you). “And don’t feel limited to only consider your girlfriends or his lady coworkers,”. “This hypothetical threesome isn’t just for his pleasure. If one of his gym buddies or old college friends would be on your roster, go ahead and tell him! This can be a helpful, fun way to clear the air about any outside-the-relationship attractions you both feel as well.”

21. Get tied up…or tie up your partner.

Either way, the experience is intense! “The best part of mild bondage, aside from the thrilling sensation, is the opportunity to explore how much you trust each other,”. “Communication is key. Make sure to discuss it thoroughly beforehand, establish a safe word, and talk about any concerns or worries you may have. You can shop together for the perfect, comfy rope or cuffs, or DIY with one of his neckties or a pair of your tights.”
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What if we tell you for For A Hotter, More Fulfilling Sex Life? This can be done just by taking a little bit of time each day to stoke your sex drive, you'd have a more fulfilling sex life by the end of the month? You'd do it, right? Especially if it's...